A Mask-Making Army To The Rescue : Handmade, The New American Manufacturing Battles Corona Virus

If you haven’t heard the news, there is a major life-saving operation happening out there among sewists across the nation. People who sew have been creating face masks, scrub caps, gowns and other PPE gear for our nation’s healthcare workers. They’ve been deemed the unsung heroes out there on the “front lines” of the war against the nasty and deadly corona virus pandemic. Sewists all across the United states are delving into their fabric stashes, downloading patterns sanctioned by the Center’s for Disease Control, rolling up their sleeves and getting to work! We all know SOMEONE in the healthcare field, we all have a friend, neighbor or loved ones in the trenches… whether it has arrived in your local community or not, it’s time to get them protected. Our most vulnerable , the elderly, sick or those with underlying chronic health conditions are at risk. The CDC is now changing their tune and saying that since the Covid-19 virus is so very contagious, it probably IS a good idea for those that must go out to be wearing masks afterall. We’re all learning as we go, facts are emerging and we’re adapting on the fly~ a virus like this has never before been seen in our lifetime~ so we’re all just doing our best as we go. We all need each other more than ever before.  In addition to good hygiene and social distancing, masks are much needed.

The makers of GS Handmade have been making masks for personal use, and will be offered in their shops, in addition to many are making and donating them, as well as fulfilling orders for large healthcare facilities that have budgets for PPE for their workers. GS Handmade is working with a chain of nursing homes/long-term care facilities in the state of Illinois where the need is great, and timing is imperative.

As the leader/founder of GS this makes me so proud, and so happy to be able to provide these products for this time of need. We are doing all we can, we’re working hard, and it’s full steam ahead. What an amazing thing to be able to use your time & talents to be able to protect people and save lives! May they all be richly blessed for all they’re doing for this cause! It makes me so proud, this is what handmade is all about. I always say

“Handmade is the New American Manufacturing”

and this couldn’t be more true at the moment. Keep up the good work, I know we are not the only ones doing this, and want to commend and recognize ALL the sewists out there putting our country’s healthcare workers’ well-being at the forefront. Your efforts ARE appreciated and needed and they’re working to flatten the curve.  May everything positive like this that you put out into the world come back to you ten fold.

Supporting small business = supporting America. During these unprecedented times, small business needs your support. GS Handmade is home to 80 small shops based in the USA. 7500+ handmade products with free US shipping 24/7. Shop here: http://www.gshandmade.rocks/