About Us

They’re  the dynamic duo behind the Gypsy Spoonful site… Goose and Nita. Their passion for handmade combined with their entrepreneurial spirits led them to found their own small businesses (Goosie Girl in 2004, and That’s So Addie in 2006) which eventually blossomed into a joint effort in Gypsy Spoonful. More than a business, GS is a vision coming into fruition. A completely handmade marketplace, with a thriving community full of creative, artsy and free-spirited people. Goose’s passion for teaching and Nita’s excellent organizational skills bred a community founded upon mentorship, teaching and an equal opportunity for all. More than a business, members continually challenge each other to break the mold and test the boundaries of trends. Thus, the growth oriented, free-spirited concept imparts not only an incredible handmade marketplace but is also a tribute to the shop small movement and choosing handmade as a lifestyle choice.

Not only are we the founders, and President and Vice President, we also operate small shops on the site,

GoosieGirl and SmallShopSchool – owned/operated by Goose

ThatsSoAddie and WallowaWonders – owned/operated by Nita

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