Another Year of Shark Week Comes to an End

As another year of shark week comes to a close, how are you feeling? Did you get enough shark week? How does this year compare to previous years? Did you have a shark week party? Loving it and wanting more? Well, here it is!

Shark Week originally premiered on July 17, 1988. It has been featured annually since then. It was originally devoted to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks. Over time, it grew in popularity and became a huge hit on the Discovery Channel with a lineup of new shows all about sharks, including the theme week’s first original movie.

“Capsized: Blood in the Water,” based on a true story, stars Josh Duhamel as the captain of a yacht that capsizes in a Florida storm as its crew is chased by sharks. Capsized: Blood in the Water‘s ending provides a follow-up on the lives of Brad and Deborah following their rescue. After five days without food and water, the sole survivors were picked up by the Russians on October 28, 1982.

One thing that hasn’t changed this year is the shark week parties that are happening. There is one woman that does amazing drinks every year for shark week! Check her out HERE!  Don’t forget the kids! Need fun and food for the little ones during the party? Check THIS out. Looking for more activities for the kids to do during shark week?  Check out this great list HERE for more fun! Speaking of fun, Gypsy Spoonful shops have some great shark items too!!

Like the Crochet Shark Hat Custom Made by A Fairytale Moment

Shark Crocheted Hat – Made in all sizes
Processing time is 3-5 days
Made of 100% cotton yarn.

Shark Hand Sanitizer Holder by Wallowa Wonders

Shark Hand Sanitizer Holder

Do you feel the need to sanitize your hands often when you are out and about?  After touching those shopping carts at the grocery store?  On vacation and need to clean up before lunch?  Working with little petri dishes of germs (AKA kids)?  Great for nurses, teachers, daycare centers, and just about everyone.  Shark case is created with easy to clean vinyl and attached to a key ring and lobster claw to attach to your purse, back pack, diaper bag, or even to a belt loop in a pinch.
Each holder includes a Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel.  Hand sanitizer scent will vary depending on availability. Holds 1 oz. sanitizer from Bath & Body Works or Purell bottles too.


Shark Menstrual Pad
One 10 Inch Moderate Flannel Core Reusable Eco Friendly Mama Cloth Tie Dye

One shark pad. This is the 10 inch shark pattern from Happy Hippo. Top fabric is soft woven cotton that I tie dyed myself. Inner core is four layers of cotton flannel for moderate flow. The back is teal blue woven cotton.
These have a hidden waterproof layer of PUL.
Each pad will be a bit different due to pattern placement on the fabric. Selection will be random.
All pad orders come with a drying strap.
Good for your health, good for the environment, good for your budget.


Scrub Tops “Sharks in the Water” Medical Shirts

Custom made classic V-Neck Scrub Shirts especially tailored for Men & Women, RN, MD, PA, Vets, School Nurses, Lab Techs medical professionals by ScrubLub

Watch out for JAWS! Can you believe it’s been 40 years since the original movie?? Custom made, Unique, Fun-printed, Classic V-neck SCRUB TOPS to bring out the smiles and the kid in everyone around you!!!









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