Craftivism : Alive and Well At Gypsy Spoonful


‘Buying and selling directly from the maker challenges the all pervasive corporate culture that promotes profit over people”

Are YOU a craftivist?

Not Sure? Read on!

Gypsy Spoonful is built upon a solid foundation of:

  • empowerment
  • support
  • education
  • and craftivism

We believe being Intentional with your shopping dollars can make a very real and very strong impact in a REAL person’s life. Buying directly from an independent crafter/artisan/sewist helps support local families and economies.

people have grown tired of so-called traditional ways of activism~They are looking for a way to connect and deepen their understanding of things. Yelling doesn’t change things, but dialogue does.

Because it is possible to go beyond banners, email petitions, and chants as ways of fighting for a cause you believe in. …This is less about mass action and more about realizing what you can do to make things around you better. This is about doing things intentionally in order to learn and better process the happenings in this world. This is about creating dialogue with others in the hope for positive change. “

-sourced from

Many of our makers not only support their families by the products they create, many help others with their time, skills and talent also. This is ALSO Craftivism in action.

By advocating the use of creativity for the improvement of the world, craftivists worldwide taught knitting lessons, sewed scarves for battered women’s shelters, and knitted hats for chemotherapy patients. In a world that was growing increasingly large and unfamiliar, craftivism fought to bring back the personal into our daily lives to replace some of the mass produced. In promoting the idea that people can use their own creativity to improve the world, craftivism allows those who wish to voice their opinions and support their causes the chance to do just that…but without chanting or banner waving and at their own pace.

-Betsy Greer,
“Craftivism.” Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice. 2007. SAGE Publications.


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