A New Etsy Alternative For 2017 : Where Can I sell my Handmade Products? Best Solution

Etsy Alternative ? Seeking other options to sell your handmade products? Looking for a truly handmade marketplace? We have a great Etsy Alternative for you.

The Best solution is right in front of you, Welcome!

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Etsy Alternative Over the past 3 months, 115 independent small business owners have chosen Gypsy Spoonful as an Etsy alternative.   What makes it a good Etsy Alternative ? Gypsy Spoonful was built for makers, by makers!  We (founder + 2 amazing admins)  understand the hustle and the struggle, we have been out here in the trenches for 30 years collectively Building relationships with customers shouldn’t break the bank.
Create sustainable, repeat business on Gypsy Spoonful

Our goal is to give you the simplest and most fun way to sell online with a supportive community holding you down.

Free Listings

That’s right – listing your items on Gypsy Spoonful is always free. What’s more, your listings never expireernative</font face> </font color>

Low Fees

Gypsy Spoonful’s final value fees start at 3.5%. Even better – you owe nothing upfront and only pay when your items sell.

Friendly Support

We’ve got your back. From amazing support to seller-focused features, your success is our priority.

How do we help you succeed?

For businesses of all sizes, gaining the trust of customers is an essential – and sometimes difficult element of selling online. Shoppers want to know who they’re doing business with, and they want to be reassured that they’re going to receive excellent service and high-quality products. Luckily, Gypsy Spoonful has been designed with this in mind and with the aim to help you build your booth, brand, and sales.
Our community members also play a vital role in each other’s success~ they are truly a very supportive group of people~ they have your best interests at heart. Our admins do teachings/bootcamps to help you grow your business with social media marketing techniques, and more. Whether participating in discussions or cross promoting each other’s items, it’s all about helping and the golden rule around GS! We believe in community before competition and people before profit.
Turning Browsers into Buyers
Gypsy Spoonful is focused on providing sellers with the tools to build their dream businesses, and each of the features in our creative community has been carefully created to help you build your brand and sales. Once you put these features into play, you’ll be ready to welcome your shoppers into your booth with a strong brand presence that will turn more browsers into loyal customers! When a shopper enters your Gypsy Spoonful shop, you have the same opportunity to connect with them and promote your products as you would if you had a brick-and-mortar store.

Built in features to help you rock it out:

  • Your Shop Contact Information and social media links
  • Shop Description
  • Shop Policies
  • Shop Banner & Logo
  • Featured Shop Listings
  • Customizable Social Profile
  • Product Page Box
  • Group Creation, Memberships and interaction with browsers

Giving your shoppers plenty of ways to connect with you is a terrific idea. Add your business’ social media accounts to keep your new fans up to date on your freshest merchandise and special promotions by easily linking and sharing your listings with them via Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

Your shop description is a great opportunity to tell shoppers your own unique story. Share your knowledge and passion for what you sell, ultimately convincing your customers that buying from you is a great idea. This allows you to clearly communicate the value of your products to your customers and helps earn their trust.

Your shop policies area is the perfect place to address your customers frequently asked questions. Include policies not covered by your shipping and return section, special instructions, or any other information you’ve found is helpful to your buyers.

Shop banner and logo- Build a strong brand presence with a customized shop banner. Whether you choose from our in house designer  or create and upload your own, be sure to select a banner that visually represents your store and offerings, solidifying your branding.

Dreamy Details Shop Banner

Sample Banner: Actual size is big and beautiful.

Select up to four  featured listings to showcase your most popular items, seasonal merchandise and any promotional markdowns or coupons that you want to promote to your buyers. Shoppers will see these attractive listings displayed above the rest of the products in your shop.

Gypsy Spoonful’s Caravan is the social hub of our site. Each new member receives a fully customizable social profile where they can let customers get to know them even better, and also share news about things that are happening in their shops via status updates that appear in the “gypsyfeed” / aka newsfeed in the caravan.

Also in our caravan area members can form or join existing “spoonfuls” aka groups to discuss common interests, a passion for a hobby or crafting skill they know or want to learn. Host an online class or workshop in real time!

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