Gift Cards

Give The Right Gift Every Single Time

When you choose a gift card, you choose the RIGHT gift every. single. time.

Available in any denomination from $5-$100 and it never expires. Use it in any shop on GS!

There will be no re-gifting a Gift Card from GS, they can pick out exactly what they want, and shipping is NEVER extra.

Give the right gift every. single. time.

Let them shop for what THEY want on the GS Handmade website. Nobody re-gifts or returns a gift card!  They will LOVE your gift, because THEY shop for and choose the handmade awesomeness that they truly want. Both the giver and the receiver feel good about supporting a small business based in America when buying and using the gift card. We have free shipping on every domestic order (to the US). If you’re not based in the US, and are redeeming a gift card, Check that vendor to be sure they ship to your location.

Make the holidays and special occasions even merrier by gifting handmade,and in turn, give unique products made from the heart.

$5-$100, you choose the amount you want to give.

Gift cards can be used site wide, in any maker’s shop!

FAQs about gift cards:

  • To which email address will the gift card be shipped? The gift card will be sent to the buyer’s billing email address. (You may use it, or give it to anyone you choose!)
  • Which format will be used for the gift card code sent? The format of the generated code is ____-____-____-____ and it will be made out of letters and figures.
  • What happens if the gift card recipient spends less than the total card amount? Each time the gift card is used, its available credit is updated and if there’s some left, it can be used for future purchases.
  • Can I share a gift card? The gift card is sent to the buyer’s email address, but anyone who has the code can use it. (So protect it like cash!)
  • Which shops can a GS Handmade gift card be used in? You may use it in ANY of our handmade shops.
  • Can a GS Handmade gift card be exchanged for cash? No. 
  • Will I receive a physical, plastic gift card with my purchase? No. You will receive a code to use at checkout. 

Questions about redeeming a gift card? Email the Admin Team HERE

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