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Downloading a Digital Item

Digital Download Help

If you’re unsure if you’ve purchased a Digital Item, you can always go back to the listing page and re-read the description and title. If it is a digital download, you should see that it says it is an “Instant Download” in the title and/or description somewhere. (often more than once!)

Before purchasing a digital item on GS Handmade please create an account for yourself

After your digital product purchase we’ll send you a download notification email separate from any transaction notification emails you receive from GS Handmade and/or PayPal.

Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed. If you paid with PayPal or a credit card on GS Handmade confirmation might take a few minutes.

Downloading your files:

Log into your account and follow the link in the email you received~ if you don’t see an email, be sure to check your spam folder! (very important ~ and can usually solve 90% of the confusion) 😉

or Log into your account, click on the “My Account” Tab or the little person icon on the home page and then go to your Download Library

All of your files will be stored in your download library, as long as you were logged in when you purchased them. If you checked out as a guest, you will only be able to use the download link that was sent to you in the email for that particular order.

If you’re having trouble downloading your files:

  • If nothing happens when you click the download links, it’s possible that there’s an issue with your web browser.
  • Please disable any non-standard add-ons or toolbars that you’ve installed and try again.
  • If your computer states that the file has been corrupted, delete the file and try downloading it again. If you still can’t open the file, please contact the seller through the GS Handmade “Ask a Question” email form in the vendor’s shop on the sidebar (right side)
  • If your computer is unable to open the file, it’s possible that you’re missing the program required to open the file type. Please contact the seller through the “ask a question button” email form to see what program(s) you may need.
  • If you continue to have trouble, please contact the shop owner or email GS Handamde Admin Team. Click the link at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us.

Do I have to use the link in my download email to get my files?

No, the link is sent to you for convenience sake, you can also find all your digital purchases in your download library located on GS Handmade

How long will my files be kept in my Download Library?

How does forever sound? Yep, sounds GOOD to us too!

Can I buy Digital Products on the Gypsy Spoonful App?

You can indeed purchase a digital product through the GS Handmade app at this time, however, to download a digital file, please sign in to GS Handmade  on your non-mobile laptop or computer.

I changed my mind, or bought the wrong digital product, can I get a refund?

Sorry, no can do! Digital products are instant, therefore, not refundable and all sales are final.

My computer crashed, do I have to re-purchase my digital files from each maker?

No, silly~ this is the beauty of the download library, they’re stored safely and securely for you for all time! You can download and re-download an unlimited number of times should the black screen of death come and visit your life. If you should delete your account, or want to close your account on GS, please know that will also delete your downloads too. If you’re a shop owner and close your shop, (or if it’s closed by the admin team) you should know that your downloads will be deleted also.

Contact GS Handmade Support


To leave a review for a shop owner, you should create an account/log in when you make your purchase, otherwise you won’t be able to leave a review. Only verified purchasers of a product can rate them, or the shop owner.

On GS Handmade we have a 5-star rating system.  We strive to make all customers completely happy and satisfied with their purchases. We absolutely LOVE the feedback we’ve been getting from customers, we’ve had over 1425 successful transactions since April 2017 when we launched the site. We would love to have you share pictures of you with your purchased items from GS Handmade ! Please join our Facebook group and share your photos. 

  • If there is a problem with the transaction or the product when you receive it, PLEASE reach out to the shop owner immediately. There is a convenient email form on the right sidebar inside shops.
  • We are all human and mistakes may happen, the post office might accidentally damage an item in transit and other things that might be out of the shop owner’s control. The shop owner will work diligently with you to fix the problem.
  • We are a newer site (established April 2017) and we rely on open and honest feedback about the quality, turn-around time, shipping details, and communication from the shop owner to the customer. The way we build trust is to complete transactions in a timely manner, provide excellent customer service and communication as well as delivering an amazing handmade product.
  • We value your input and strive to overcome any bumps in the road along the way. We have many , many repeat customers in our community and that tells us we are doing it right!

How to leave a review for a shop owner and a transaction you had with them

  1. Create an account / log in BEFORE you make a purchase.
  2. After you receive your purchase in the mail, please go to the shop you bought from and near the top of their shop you will see yellow stars (or it will say “there are no reviews yet”, lucky you.. you get to be the first!)

Click on the stars in their shop banner area

You’ll be taken to this page, first click on how many stars you’d like to award to this shop owner and their product.  Choose 1-5, notice they’re offline  bit- so be sure you’re choosing the correct number of stars. Then type your review in the text box, and hit submit.

On the very rare occasion,  you have a bad experience, and you have not been able to reach the shop owner to let them know, or if you’ve tried to work out a problem with a shop owner, and are not getting satisfactions, WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT. Please use the contact form below. It goes directly to the owner/founder of GS Handmade and she will try and help you to iron things out with them.  Please do not be afraid to reach out~There is no way for us to know there is a problem unless you report a problem!

Use the form below to report an issue with a transaction, please include your order number: (to find your order number, go here please)

Recent Reviews

Reviews and Feedback

Love, love, love the puppy bows & clippies. My granddaughter is going to love them too. We always love a goodie box from Goosie Girl!- Raenita D.

Reviews and Feedback

Simply Gorgeous does not even begin to explain the workmanship and delicate features in the butterfly earrings I got from Trudy Breland Designs. They are truly a work of art. I will be back for more pieces soon. These are divine! – Jane. F.

Are you interested in becoming a shop owner on GS Handamde?
Please read this page, and submit an application.

GS Handmade Speak:

The following are some terms our makers may use in their listings. Each maker is an independent small business, and each person may word things a little differently, but we thought it might help to give you some commonly used terms to help you understand the handmade culture and community.
Some helpful information:
  • What is a ready to ship (“RTS”) item? An item which has already been created. It is already made, and it is ready to ship out. Some buyers may ship these items immediately, or take a couple days to send them out to you, depending on the seller/maker and their shipping policies/timeframes outlined in the listing and/or their shop.


  • What is a custom item?  An item which will be created specifically for you after purchase. This item will be made for you from scratch. The seller/maker may need specific information from you to create this item , such as size, color, your measurements, the fabric or material choice, etc. There will be a longer time frame on these types of purchases compared to a RTS (ready to ship) item. Each maker/seller will outline the usual time frame for production/turnaround time.


  • GS: Shortened/nick name of “GS Handmade”


  • lWhat is an OOAK item? An item which is one of a kind (“OOAK”). This item will not be recreated. You will have the one and only item like it, if you choose to purchase it.


  • What is a Made to Order Item?  A made to order item is a stock inventory item that is made as they are purchased. The items are made the same way, and look the same, as the original..with minor fluctuations in materials/artistry that goes hand in hand with handmade products.


  • What is a RTW item? RTW means Ready To Wear. Size is specified in the description. It is ready to go!


  • What is an OTT item?: This means an item which is considered “Over the Top”, in the BEST way possible. It’s larger than life, and AMAZING!


  • Gypsyhood: The realm of everything that is GS Handmade

Isn’t GS Handmade  Speak FUN?!