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  • If you’d like to apply to join our team of makers, we ask that you become familiar with the principles GS Handmade was founded upon. Then once you are aware of all of the really cool things we believe about small business, and even better… HANDMADE American Small Business, and you agree with what we’re about, please feel free to apply to become one of our independent makers.
  • We’re not going to lie, we don’t accept everyone. We rigorously screen all of our makers for professionalism, quality of products and trustworthiness. We want everyone to truly know what they are committing to when they band together with us.

About the Application Process:

If you’re mobile, and can not see the application /registration information below (yes, there is information below.. lol) please register when you’re on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer please~ THEN fill out the application below and we will be in touch. All applications are personally reviewed individually by our administration team, depending on how busy we are reviewing applications, this process can take up to 2-4 weeks.

Important things to Understand Prior to Applying

Terms Of Use
Read and Be in Agreement with our Terms of Use
Our Expectations of You
Learn what we expect from our new members . Your first 2 weeks are critica. View Here
Social Media
We require all shop owners to have an active online presence on most major social media platforms. Our main form of communication to our members happens in a private Facebook Group. If you do not have accounts on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, create accounts for your business prior to applying. Familiarity with these platforms is important , but we will teach you if you need help.
Shop Set Up Fee
There is a one-time shop set up fee of $10 that will be due upon creation of your shop. This fee is non-refundable.
Advertising Contribution
We have a collective advertising program in place. For this fund, each member will be asked to pay $12 per calendar year (per shop) into a cooperative advertising fund (pro rated at $1/month from September). When you are “graduated” to our bigger group, in about 2 weeks after joining, that’s when you’ll pay into this fund.

We require a w9 to be filled out for each person.

View and Read Our Fees
Back Up Funding
We require a back up funding source (credit or debit card) to have on file , just as all other buying/selling platforms do.
Attitude is Everything
We believe our personalities shine through in our online life. We love positive, up-beat, encouraging, people. We know everyone has a bad day now and then, but overall, negatively focused people, need not apply. We want our customers to have a GREAT experience. We want you to bring your A-Game to the Table.
Our makers include Basic US shipping costs and any additional sales tax ( in addition to what GS collects, if applicable) within each listing’s price. We believe in transparency , and want customers to have a “what you see is what you get” experience shopping with us.  We have found the #1 reason people abandon shopping carts and leave orders without checking out is unexpected or even worse,  inflated shipping costs. We encourage you to explain inside your product listings as to the product and shipping cost and those two costs combined equal the total product cost. (Product Price + shipping cost  = Listing Price). Customers may contact you if they’d like to make multiple purchases so you combine shipping costs for them.

Let's Do This!