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We are currently maintaining a waiting list for new shops. We will not be accepting any new members until after Jan. 1, 2019. You can still apply, but you will not be notified if you have been accepted until then.


  • If you’d like to apply to join our team of makers, we ask that you become familiar with the principles Gypsy Spoonful was founded upon. Then once you are aware of all of the really cool things we believe about small business, and even better… HANDMADE American Small Business, and you agree with what we’re about, please feel free to apply to become one of our independent makers.
  • We’re not going to lie, we don’t accept everyone. We rigorously screen all of our makers for professionalism, quality of products and trustworthiness. We want everyone to truly know what they are committing to when they band together with us

What we believe & How We Do Things

  • Our marketplace is a world dedicated exclusively to amazing handmade goodness.
  • We have nothing created in factories, mass-produced or imported. All of our items are made by hand, and in small quantity.
  • We believe everyone can find something they love and can not find anywhere else on earth.
  • We Invite our awesome customers to find their new favorite makers and visit their independently owned online shops within “the gypsyhood”.
  • We want to offer as much diversity in products as we can. For our customers, we have more independent small business owners under one virtual roof for their convenience and shopping pleasure.
  • We are a completely curated site, we vet our sellers for their trustworthiness, professionalism and customer service ethics.
  • Our talented makers are invested in their creations and their commitment to quality and workmanship is evident in every item.
  • For those who shop, no matter what they’re passionate about, shopping small, supporting handmade artisans, or shopping local~we’ve got you covered.
  • Customers can buy safely! Purchase protection is built right into every transaction you make.
  • Checkout Securely! We use a secure payment gateway which never shares your personal information with us so you are guaranteed privacy and security.We have gone a step further to ensure your privacy and security, we’ve invested in an SSL certificate which encrypts all data passing between browsers and our servers. We will never ever share your personal information with anyone.
  • Customers get their purchases reliably, we use the United States Postal Service for shipping and our makers include tracking for each shipment. Emails are sent out at every crucial point of the transaction.
  • We ARE Creativity in Community; We aren’t just a shopping venue, we are a community~ building relationships between makers and admirers and each other!  We believe in the foundational principle that each of us can make a difference in the life of another person/family by being intentional with our shopping dollars.
  • We don’t compete with each other, instead, we support, build-up, and embrace each other in a spirit of unity and teamwork. “Community Before Competition” . The admin team puts “People before Profits”.
  • We all help to promote each other’s shops and products. This is not optional. When you join Gypsy Spoonful, you’re not just opening a shop, you’re joining a community. We are as strong as our weakest member, and we all rely on each other to promote, share, support and encourage each other.
  • We all commit to being team-oriented and cheering each other on, not only in business but in life! We reserve the right to remove anyone who brings a negative vibe to the team.
  • We share our experiences to help guide each other in managing, promoting, and driving each of our businesses forward. Some of us are very experienced and some are just beginning their small shop journey. The more experienced members, come alongside the novice members to serve as mentors, and answer questions, and share their experience learned over years of being in business online.
  • We understand that many of our members sell their products on several platforms and venues, and that’s GREAT~we actually encourage that! ( but we do expect equal participation from all members)
  • We encourage, support and mentor each other in business.
  • We teach, learn and grow in community through social media boot camps, marketing tips and discussions in our discussion group- You can find a mentor and find the support you need to be a busy entrepreneur trying to conquer the world one day at a time.
  • We want Gypsy Spoonful to be known as the NEW Home of Handmade, Where customers can get support the shop small and shop local movements while enjoying a personal shopping experience. We want to be known as the site where unique, American-made products are plentiful with no knock-offs, mass-produced, or imported goods. We ask all potential members to please read our  TERMS OF USE
  • We believe in handmade wholeheartedly. We believe in Entrepreneurship, we believe in goals and dreams, and given enough work, most dreams are completely attainable. We believe in creating our own path and blazing a trail.
  • We believe the quality of a handmade product without a doubt, tops the quality of a mass produced item. Our marketplace is dedicated exclusively to handmade products. It is our conviction that independent makers take incredible pride in a product they create with their own two hands. We do not allow supplied or any pre-purchased items to be sold on this site. We do not allow any re-sellers on Gypsy Spoonful.   Our members do not sell supplies or destash their supplies on the site–unless they are handmade supplies such as pom poms, yo-yos, patterns or embroidery files and similar things that they , themselves have created.

We are a growing site so it’s important for each member to understand we all need to help driving traffic to the site.

About the Application Process:

If you’re mobile, and can not see the application /registration information below (yes, there is information below.. lol) please register when you’re on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer please~ THEN fill out the application below and we will be in touch.

Note: Below, User name means your SHOP name, not YOUR name 🙂

We are currently maintaining a waiting list for new shops. We will not be accepting any new members until after Jan. 1, 2019. You can still apply, but you will not be notified if you have been accepted until then.

Standard Member
No monthly shop fee ( $10.00 shop set up fee, one time, non-refundable if your trial membership does not work out)
$12/Year advertising contribution required (per shop)-pro rated for joining after September
If your listing doesn't sell, you don't pay anything. (no listing or re-listing fees, ever!)
Once you sell an item, you pay a very modest commission of 3.5%
Regular Paypal fees apply to all sales (2.9% + $.30 on each transaction)
Standard Members are our ACTIVE members, they participate in community discussions, help make decisions about the direction of Gypsy Spoonful, they share on social media and support others in the Gypsyhood. These are hustlers who are serious about growing their small business. If you have a solid following and are experienced selling online in other venues. THIS is your level of membership. Standard members are active on social media and are familiar with the top platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They update regularly and have good interaction on their social media accounts. Their presentation is good with crisp, clear photos. They are willing to work to drive traffic to their shop on Gypsy Spoonful.
After you subscribe, if you see an application, and you've already filled it out once, you do not need to fill it out again. Thanks! 
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Auxilary Member
No Monthly Shop Fee
$10.00 Shop Set Up Fee (One-time, non-refundable, even if your trial membership does not work out)
3 month trial membership (during this trial period you're learning & growing your business, working toward the standard membership
Minimum of 10 products listed in your shop at all times. Require pre-publication Admin Review.
If your listing doesn't sell, you don't pay anything.
Once you sell an item, you pay a very modest commission of 5%
Regular Paypal fees apply to all sales (2.9% + $.30 on each transaction)
Auxillary members are our GROWING members. They reach out to established members for advice on how to grow their businesses, participate in community discussions and work hard to grow their customer base and following. These are our members who may have a little to a lot of experience creating and selling their items, but not necessarily online, perhaps in person or on consignment. The willingness to learn and be teachable is important. The ability to devote a minimal amount of time to your business every week is important. Other reasons we feel auxillary membership fits your business at this time could be: We think the quality of your photos might need to be improved and/or your knowledge and experience with social media for marketing/promotion needs a little polishing. OR perhaps, You may have been with Gypsy Spoonful at a time in your life where you weren't able to fully commit, and you'd like to come back and try again now that the new website is up. We would love to have you come alongside our more experienced members, if you're serious about the commitment you can make to grow your business and expand your personal knowledge about what it takes to operate and grow a truly successful online, small business with a focus on handmade items.
Auxillary members help the team by promoting, sharing, liking & commenting on social media posts.
$12/Year advertising contribution required (per shop)-pro rated for joining after September
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All applications are personally reviewed individually by our administration team, depending on how busy we are reviewing applications, this process can take up to 2-4 weeks.

  • Important Points to Understand :
  • Click to Visit, Read & Be In Agreement With Our Terms Of Use.
  • Please review our fees located HERE.
  • Our makers include Basic US shipping costs within each listing’s price. We believe in transparency , and want customers to have a “what you see is what you get” experience shopping with us.  We have found the #1 reason people abandon shopping carts and leave orders without checking out is unexpected or even worse,  inflated shipping costs. This method of including shipping costs has worked out well for our members, and we do encourage you to explain inside your product listings as to the product and shipping cost, and those two costs combined equal the total product cost. (Product Price + shipping cost = Listing Price) You can also have customers contact you if they’d like to make multiple purchases and you can combine shipping costs for them) 
  • We just had a vote (Late Aug. 2018) to implement a collective advertising program into the platform. For this fund, each member will be asked to pay $12 per calendar year (per shop) into a cooperative advertising fund. This new program will be put in place September 1st 2018. The advertising will be done over a myriad of social media platforms, ad words for search engines, display advertising and more. When you are “graduated” to our bigger group, in about 2 weeks after joining, that’s when you’ll pay into this fund.

If you’re accepted as a member:

We have a beginner Facebook member’s group so you can begin to learn how to create listings on the website, find your way around,  etc.. It serves as a jumping off point/headquarters for our new members.  Once we get you settled and get your shop all set up, ideally, we’d like you to be all set to go and begin listing and learning within 2 weeks of joining. We have found what works best is when new people jump right in and get started and being involved in the community of makers. After you learn to list on our format, we’ll move you into our bigger group where you’ll learn even more about growing your business through the platform of Gypsy Spoonful. Social media boot camps, product photography classes, and more.
We have learned this is the best way to do things,  we’re very deliberate and methodical about what we do and how we do it. (There is a method to our madness!) 
Update 8/01/2018:  each shop owner is required to provide a back up funding source, such as a credit card number, which is stored securely in case at some point you are unable to fulfill orders, and leave us holding the bag. Your card will only be charged if there are paypal claims filed, or open orders when you leave as a member, that we are forced to refund.
Update: 9/21/2018: Participation and involvement is crucial to our success as a community, if you are inactive for 30 days or more, or if we feel you’re not involved in decisions, discussions or any other aspect of community life, you will be removed. If you are removed for inactivity, there will be a $25 shop closure fee payable via paypal invoice.  We make it VERY clear who is at risk of their shop being closed for inactivity before any shops are closed. We expect all members to pull their own weight promoting, participating and driving traffic to the site.

Need more information? Have further questions before you JOIN?  Having a problem with the application, or want us to clarify something? Drop us an email & we’ll do what we can to help!

  • We look forward to hearing from you!

We are currently maintaining a waiting list for new shops. We will not be accepting any new members until after Jan. 1, 2019. You can still apply, but you will not be notified if you have been accepted until then.