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Gypsy Spoonful Fees

Gypsy Spoonful FeesFees for Selling On Gypsy Spoonful

We lay everything out clearly here at GS Handmade. What you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees. We have no secrets, no confusion, and everything is outlined publicly,  for everyone to see: We stick by a standard of: “What you see is what you get on GS Handmade”.



  • Listing Fees: NONE
  • Membership Fees: NONE
  • Monthly Shop Fee: NONE *
  • Sitewide all members agree to give free basic shipping for US orders, You may increase your product prices to cover your shipping costs. (product cost + shipping costs/handling fees = total listing price)
  • You may list as many items in your shop as you wish, there are no limits, at anytime.
  • Listings run FOREVER, Until you close your shop and you can RENEW at any time for FREE. We encourage frequent renewal.
  • One time shop set up fee of $10 (non-refundable) will be invoiced to new members upon approval of their membership application.
  • Yearly advertising contribution of $12 (pro-rated $1/month if you join after Sept. 1st-this is not due until you graduate from our Newbie group, and become a fully-vetted member)
  • We ask for a back up funding source: specifically a credit card in case there are ever any problems. Your card will never be charged (unless you skip town and join the circus and leave us holding the bag for your shop). The information is stored securely, off site with no possibility of anyone’s eyes ever seeing the information. It’s our “insurance policy” to be sure orders are fulfilled for our awesome customers.
  • If you abandon your shop, and we are forced to delete your products, photos and close it after 30 days of inactivity, you will be invoiced for a $25 inactivity shop closure fee via paypal, by applying to GS you agree to all of these stipulations and terms, including paying the $25 inactivity shop closure fee via paypal invoice..this does not apply to anyone who communicates that they’d like to close their shop, only for people who disappear on us and abandon their shops.

If your item doesn’t sell, you don’t pay ANYTHING

When you sell an item:

  • GS Handmade collects a minimal commission. What you pay in this commission covers all fees with the exception of the withdrawal fee.  If it doesn’t sell, you don’t pay anything.
  •  The commission fee is 3.5%  plus Paypal fees (Paypal fees are 2.9% + $.30 on every transaction in the US and Canada)~Example: You sell a $10 item-the customer pays via paypal, paypal takes their fees, then the “house” takes it’s fee, and the remaining money goes into your account on GS.
  • The remaining monies from your sales are stored in your account on GS and you may withdraw them at any time. There is a fee of 2% of the amount you withdraw with a maximum /cap of $1.00. (Please note, we use an automated payment system called “masspay” and they charge us a 2% fee to withdraw the monies,  (with a maximum of a $1 masspay fee). Rest Assured, GS doesn’t keep this money, it is automatically deducted by masspay, we’re just passing along this fee to the shopowner. The larger we grow and the more sales we make, we will get better rates )

The ONLY fees GS keeps are the commission amount on sales.

Note: Any coupon discounts you set up and choose to offer through your store are calculated AFTER the coupon’s discount, before commission is calculated

These fees are subject to change, but will not be changed without a 30 day notice. If paypal or masspay fees ever go up, changes will be noted and we will do our best to notify everyone ahead of time.


Will I Receive a 1099-K Tax Form From Gypsy Spoonful?

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