Standard Membership

Standard Member

Standard Membership:

  • No monthly shop fee ( $10.00 shop set up fee, one time, non-refundable if your trial membership does not work out)
  • $12/Year advertising contribution required (per shop)-pro rated for joining after September
  • If your listing doesn’t sell, you don’t pay anything. (no listing or re-listing fees, ever!)
  • Once you sell an item, you pay a very modest commission of 3.5%
  • Regular Paypal fees apply to all sales (2.9% + $.30 on each transaction)
  • Standard Members are our ACTIVE members, they participate in community discussions, help make decisions about the direction of Gypsy Spoonful, they share on social media and support others in the Gypsyhood. These are hustlers who are serious about growing their small business. If you have a solid following and are experienced selling online in other venues. THIS is your level of membership. Standard members are active on social media and are familiar with the top platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They update regularly and have good interaction on their social media accounts. Their presentation is good with crisp, clear photos. They are willing to work to drive traffic to their shop on Gypsy Spoonful.
  • During the first 3 months, you’ll be on a trial membership. We will mentor and teach you during this time to help you improve your technical knowledge, improve photos and so on.

Upon Graduation from our “Newbie” Group to our Members Group, you will be asked to, provide your back up funding source (cc info), fill out a w-9 form, and also give your advertising contribution