Heather aka Goose

Maker of Goosie Girl, Creator of Gypsy Spoonful

In part of celebrating the upcoming, one year anniversary of Gypsy Spoonful we bring you our “Meet Our Makers” blog thread. I feel the best maker to kick off with is Heather (aka Goose) the founder and creator of Gypsy Spoonful.

Heather maker of Gypsy Spoonful, an inspiration to entrepreneurs every where!

Who is Heather?

I asked Heather to tell me a little bit about herself, and although she is VERY passionate about business, I managed to get this bit of information out of her.  🙂

When I’m not working (which is never ha ha) I love to spend time with my sweet man (soul mate, love of my life) and my kiddos. My oldest is on the autism spectrum (Kayla 22). Then there is Matthew (18), a senior in high school and an amazing athlete and lastly, Jack, who is in 7th grade and a comedian. I also have 3 dogs (animal lover) and I love to garden, and do home improvement/decorating projects. I love life and love to laugh and have fun, I’m a free spirit that would just die if I had to work a regular 9-5 job ever again in my life. A cubicle would be a death sentence for me, if I’m not creating, I am not happy.

Heather decorated her home coffee bar with some sweet handmade decor listed in one of the shops on Gypsy Spoonful. 😉


Heather tells the story behind Gypsy Spoonful

I asked Heather where the inspiration to create Gypsy Spoonful came from? Even though we were holding the interview in the board room of all instant messaging, lol, I could tell her fingers lit up with excitement!

I’ve established myself over the years by designing original boutique accessories and photo props~ it all started with one bow for a cheer team wayyy back when my kids were little and it took off…

I started with a shop on eBay and migrated to Etsy,  before people even knew what Etsy was… then went to my own site, and my friends who were still designing started telling me they were looking for a new, completely handmade place… so I went to work and created a brand new site. We have really big plans for it, but there are two hard and fast rules… nothing mass produced, and nothing imported… like supplies or knock-offs masquerading as handmade products.

The beginning…

We began selling on a blog in 2016, and it grew like wildfire, we soon outgrew the blog postings, and everyone said they wanted more… a dedicated marketplace where each person could have a shop, and set things up the way they wanted to for their businesses. About 10 months later, after trial and error and baptism by fire, I had built the Gypsy Spoonful website.

New beginnings…

We launched, April 30, 2017, and there’s been no stopping us ever since. We had a vision, and the “founding members” who started on the blog with us believe in it and helped it grow, and we’ve been growing every single day. In the last 11 months, we’ve grown to 127 shops with 8 pending.

There are no monthly shop fees. There are also no listing or renewal fees. Listings run forever, although we encourage people to re-list items to keep things fresh. If a product does not sell, you don’t pay a dime. If it sells, there is a small fee of 3.5% (the same as Etsy) plus the normal PayPal fees of course. We also have instant download for patterns, ebooks, embroidery files (that you create).

Our sales started rolling in the first week we were open! We have such a GREAT core of members. We believe in community over competition, and people before profits.

Gypsy Spoonful – The New Home of Handmade

Heather’s skills and knowledge are an asset!

I have been in business for 14 years, and before I was doing this, I was in advertising and marketing so I am very active networking, marketing and promoting the site, both through paid and non-paid means. We want our members to grow their business and reach new markets, so we teach/mentor and support them by doing little “boot camps” on social media marketing, helping them with SEO (search engine optimization), and teaching them tricks/tips/advice we’ve learned over the years~ I have 2 wonderful admins and between the 3 of us, collectively, we have 30+ years of online selling experience with handmade products.

Gypsy Spoonful is, indeed, a dedicated marketplace where each maker can have a shop, set things up the way they want to, and where you feel like family!

Who was Heather before Gypsy Spoonful?

I was a maker before GS, just like all of my friends~ I was creating and selling handmade photo props, boutique accessories and writing pdf patterns/ebooks. My business is GoosieGirl.com , and I have been blogging on my blog there for ten years. In my past life, I was in advertising and public relations as well as law enforcement.

Heather’s handmade shop on Gypsy Spoonful; Goosie Girl.

Unicorn Headband created by Heather – Goosie Girl (click photo to purchase)

Heather’s accomplishments

I asked Heather what she felt her biggest accomplishments are. Her responce is what made me an official Heather Goose fan!

I am a published author and small business expert cited in many online publications and magazines. I’ve also designed for several a-list celebrity clients and their children over the years. I tell you this, not to toot my own horn but because I want you to know this has been my life… it’s not a hobby, a side gig or some flash in the pan idea I have had. I love handmade and everything it encompasses. My passion is empowering other women to be successful and help them achieve their dreams and goals. I have a passion for empowering other women who own small businesses.

Heather as a child

I was curious where all Heather’s passion and inspiration derives from. So I dug even deeper into her past. I asked her what is her fondest childhood memory? You will want to keep reading to know all about this sweet story!

I loved playing dress up and having tea parties with my Grandpa. (I lived with my grandparents growing up). My Grandpa would come home from work on the train every night. When he got home, he would play tea party with me. I’d dress him up, put his hair in rollers, and serve him pretend tea while my grandma was making dinner. Fond memories. I was also very close with my cousins.

Goosie Girl Click photo to support Heather as Goosie Girl

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    I have known Heather for just over 10 years! I am a proud #TeamGoose supporter! Two things I can say for sure is that woman is not only talented but is very passionate! Thanks for the great article! I loved reading it! ~Schelle

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    Its great to get to know the maker of this wonderful site!

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