Auxilary Member

Features List

  • No Monthly Shop Fee
  • $10.00 Shop Set Up Fee (One-time, non-refundable, even if your trial membership does not work out)
  • 3 month trial membership (during this trial period you're learning & growing your business, working toward the standard membership
  • Minimum of 10 products listed in your shop at all times. Require pre-publication Admin Review.
  • If your listing doesn't sell, you don't pay anything.
  • Once you sell an item, you pay a very modest commission of 5%
  • Regular Paypal fees apply to all sales (2.9% + $.30 on each transaction)
  • Auxillary members are our GROWING members. They reach out to established members for advice on how to grow their businesses, participate in community discussions and work hard to grow their customer base and following. These are our members who may have a little to a lot of experience creating and selling their items, but not necessarily online, perhaps in person or on consignment. The willingness to learn and be teachable is important. The ability to devote a minimal amount of time to your business every week is important. Other reasons we feel auxillary membership fits your business at this time could be: We think the quality of your photos might need to be improved and/or your knowledge and experience with social media for marketing/promotion needs a little polishing. OR perhaps, You may have been with Gypsy Spoonful at a time in your life where you weren't able to fully commit, and you'd like to come back and try again now that the new website is up. We would love to have you come alongside our more experienced members, if you're serious about the commitment you can make to grow your business and expand your personal knowledge about what it takes to operate and grow a truly successful online, small business with a focus on handmade items.
  • Auxillary members help the team by promoting, sharing, liking & commenting on social media posts.
  • $12/Year advertising contribution required (per shop)-pro rated for joining after September