Why we do it : Who Am I and Why Am I Part of Gypsy Spoonful?

My Why by CharmsCoutureBoutique

First you may ask; What is Gypsy Spoonful? (or GS for short) By now I am sure you have taken a look at the website and realized just how awesome it is! It has several makers and over 3k listings! That’s right…3 THOUSAND strictly handmade items from small businesses!

GS is a website that has an Etsy-like setup. Meaning? Well it means that the website is home to more than just 1 individual maker. It is home to over 112 individually owned shops on one platform that offers everything from pdf sewing patterns to one of a kind products and props. However, unlike Etsy; Gypsy Spoonful does not accept any mass produced items such as knock-offs or China Cheapies. Everything…EVERYTHING is made by hand!

So how do I fit in?

Why am I writing a blog post about this? Why is this important to me?

To understand my blog post you need to know a few things about me first.

For starters; I am one of the makers on GS. I sell custom handmade clothing & accessories as well as handmade soaps that hold no harsh chemicals. I come from a background of giving unto others. When I was a child at Christmas time we got to open our presents and play with our toys for 1 week. After the week was up my mother would tell us to pick our #1 favorite toy that we received, the rest of them we packed up and donated to the local children’s shelter. As I got older and went into HS, I volunteered several hours a week at various places such as Nursing Homes and Bingo Nights. When I became an adult, I began working with children and teens who were labeled with [severe] behavioral issues; i.e. opposition to authority. Many years later many of “my kids” have become mothers and fathers and I keep in contact with them to this day! As an adult not only do I have my shop on GS, I also make dresses and other items and donate them online to Pay It Forward Groups.

This community is incredibly important to me. It allows me to use my creativity to help others! It allows me to be ME and in the process allows me to help support my family. I am a military spouse with an ever growing 11 yr old stepson who resides with us! Every single time someone purchases from my shop, not only does it help MY family, it allows me to continue helping other families! For every bar of soap that is bought, we donate 1 to either nursing homes, battered womens shelters and childrens shelters.

My entire life has been about helping others.

When I began thinking about expanding my business to reach more clients, I had to think long and hard about what I wanted to accomplish. I have goals and business morals that I am not willing to compromise and GS has helped me keep to that integrity. I have always been about my clients and ensuring their vision comes true with my work rather than “making a quick buck”. I firmly believe in helping out other makers if I am able and do not see other shops as competition. I see the other makers as collaborators; business associates, even friends if you will.  Without their help and support, GS would not be what it is- just a few short months after its birth!

I wanted to write about my experiences, my beliefs to help those who are either thinking about shopping on GS or even becoming part of the GS family! When you open a shop on GS, you do not do it alone. Other makers are there to lend a helping hand, answer questions and help you get your shop setup correctly so you receive sales! Makers give advice on getting better photos for listings, how to appeal to your target market and how to best answer potential customer’s questions! GS is not just a website that sells handmade products, it is a community of individuals with a common purpose, a common ideal that have banded together to offer quality products! Products that can become heirlooms and keepsakes for generations to come!

This community blog post was created by Donna of Charms Couture Boutique, you can view her Gypsy Spoonful Shop and all the items she offers here.