Accessories on Gypsy Spoonful. Trending, best selling and one of a kind jewelry, hair accessories, clips, bows, headbands or fascinators that nobody else will have. Wear the best, a unique accessory that you can’t find at the big box stores. Don’t go to the mall for your next scarf or hat, let one of our talented designers help you choose the yarn colors, fabrics, trims and details that match YOUR personality. Make it all about you. Your key fob or backpack should represent  you or your child’s personality and be well-made. You can’t beat the quality of a handmade boutique bow or no slip clip  The care and attention to detail that goes into a handmade belt or pair of slippers or  similar related item is no contest.  The attention to every stitch and link and ribbon can not be matched in something that is mass produced overseas in a factory where the employees are trying to meet a quota. The makers at Gypsy Spoonful who specialize in accessories names go out on each piece so they CARE about every single detail~ You can be sure of that. 

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