Glass Jewelry Pendant Necklace – Golden Coral 6 – Hand Painted Design by Studio 1153


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Hand Painted Glass Jewelry Pendant Necklace – Golden Coral 6


Here is its inspirational story:  Inspired by the colors of Hawaiian gold coral found on seamounts throughout the Hawaiian archipelago, beautiful metallic gold and coral enhance this piece of glass. The Hawaiian gold coral is known mostly for its beauty and rareness.


The hand painted glass jewelry pendant, size 1″ x 2″,  comes with an 18” silver plated snake chain and is ready for gift giving as it is placed in an organza bag inside a jewelry box.
If you have any questions, or would like a custom design, feel free to contact me.  I would love to hear from you.
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This glass jewelry pendant necklace, Golden Coral 6,  is an original hand painted design created by Studio 1153 and will not be replicated.  The pendant’s story and care instructions will be included in the jewelry box.
No need to wear a boring, everyday, run of the mill necklace when you can have a one of a kind design from Studio 1153 that will make everyone stop, stare and be jealous they didn’t buy it before you. Best of all, this hand painted glass jewelry pendant necklace will suit any mood and look perfect with any outfit.
The perfect little something for yourself or to give as a gift;  this glass jewelry pendant and necklace will be cherished for many years. Any piece found in our one-of-a-kind collection is sure to become a highlight piece in any jewelry box. They don’t last long, so be sure to check back for new pieces regularly to avoid missing out!
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Care and Handling of the Hand Painted Glass Jewelry Pendant Necklace:
Items are all hand crafted, so it is possible you might notice a few minor imperfections. Although the pendant is sealed, alcohol based products (perfumes, hand gel sanitizers, etc.) may wear away the sealer and the alcohol ink if the pendant comes in contact with these kinds of solvents.  Please remember, it is best not to spray colognes or perfumes near the pendant. Also, please do not shower with or immerse the pendant as it is not waterproof.



Express Yourself with Splashes of Vibrant Colors - Lively, Bold, Funky, Whimsical, Colorful, Beautiful and Awe Inspiring.  No need for you or your home to wear boring, everyday, run of the mill art. Now you can have a one of a kind design from Studio 1153 that will make everyone stop, stare and be jealous they didn't buy it before you. According to Albert Einstein, logic will get you from A to B, but imagination will take you everywhere. Me, I am just a girl with a wild imagination. Jewelry designer, artist, brand stylist. Born and raised in New York now loving small town life in South Carolina. If I am not creating, I am thinking about creating. I experiment, I take risks, I break the rules. I make mistakes, but when I do, I make it part of my art. My passion is to design art for your mind, your soul, your spirit. Art makes my soul grow and if I happen to make a living from it, then I will be ever so more grateful. All of the work you see here is hand painted by me in my sun filled studio in South Carolina. Colorful, unique and beautiful, every piece of jewelry is an original design and one of a kind. The newest additions to our pendant line have their own stories included with their gift presentation. Home decor will be available as original and prints. Accessories will be available as originals and one of a kind. Feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or requests for custom orders. I will be happy to hear from you:

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