Photography camera origami crane car charm By branching off studio

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Photography gift, Camera, Photography Charm, Car Charm, Car Ornament, Good Luck Gift


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Photography camera origami crane car charm By branching off studio

This is the perfect gift for any photographer! An origami paper crane folded from paper printed with cameras set between a string of beads. From there a decorative camera hangs from below. Finally the complete piece hangs from a 7″ hook and chain to easily hang from your rear view mirror or anywhere!

Origami cranes mean peace, happiness and good luck.

In addition, this item is shipped in a gift box ready to give.

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Branching Off Studio was created after designing my whole wedding around the history of 1000 origami cranes. Centerpieces, place cards, corsages, boutonnieres, and favors were all created out of paper. It was cost effective, eco friendly, unique and definitely kept our guest talking!
The wedding day ended but my love for folding didn’t. I was in love with the meaning and purpose set centuries ago.

History of Origami: Origami was invented in China around 100AD. The word Origami means “paper folding”. In many societies paper was a luxury item created by hand and used only for important, long lasting purposes such as births, funerals and weddings to be treasured by the participants for years after.

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Specification: Photography camera origami crane car charm By branching off studio

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 2 in

Branching Off Studio

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