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Mermaid:   Salt spray and fresh sea air.

Crisp apple, hibiscus, and sea cress.

Green pear, seagrass, vanilla and muguet.

Driftwood, sparkling bergamot, fresh pineapple and water lily.

The scent is warm, sunlit, clean and fresh.

Sea Witch:  She Called to the Dark Ones; used her Power for the blackest reason, and tore the life from her lover.

Now she is cursed to live forever in the silent depths of the sea, her sole companions the pale bones of those she killed.

When the sea is tossed by storms in the world above, and the ships of men falter, she Calls, and they come, eyes wide and frightened, and she holds them in her arms until their struggles cease.

Whispers words of love and sorrow, and lays their bones beside the others.

Tourmaline, amethyst, emerald and jade shimmer in her eyes, her hair a silken shroud for shattered hope.

Her name forever lost, she is only Sea Witch.


Sea water, black musk and ocean air.

Champaka, patchouli, green kelp and salt.

Frankincense, ships’ wood, and lime.

Cardamom and lotus, amber and allspice.


The scent of storms, of heartbreak, of magick and of the sea.


Selkie:  For love, she slips from her own skin and becomes another creature.    But even love must falter, and the longing for her True Self can not be denied.

She will forsake her love, and take up again her silken coat, and return with joy to her ocean home.

Shimmering greens and gentle blue florals.

Fresh salty air, soft musk and golden amber.

Driftwood, lemon and lime.

Swaying sea grass, emerald sea moss, and clean cold water.

Selkie is an elegant, sophisticated and fresh marine scent made for the woman wise enough to be true to herself.

Melusine:  Daughter of a faery queen and mortal man, Melusine lives in every lake and river.

Like her mother, Melusine fell in love with a mortal man.

His betrayal of her trust has locked her into her mermaid form.

And so she watches over those who bear her blood, her power, her spirit.  The daughters of Melusine shine even now.

Cool running water, crisp falling leaves and fresh air.

Warm herbs, fallen apples and raw oak.

Wild iris, lavender, spice and honey.

Cedar, spruce and emerald oak moss.

The scent is of clean rushing water, fresh and exhilarating.

Ophelia:  Bruised violets and champaka blooms.

Tender new clover, dark water and ghostly white musk.

Fragile florals, fresh bergamot, golden benzoin.

The scent is of shadowed water, sad and gently floral.

Here at Red Deer Grove you will find natural perfumes, colognes, soaps and salves.

Made by hand with great affection for the Dreamers, the Misfits, the Rebels and the Clowns.

The Idealists, the Playful, and all those wonderful souls in between, and for all who take the road less traveled by.

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Full dram sample vials of some of our most popular ocean-themed perfumes:  Mermaid, Sea Witch, Selkie, and Melusine.

Your Sampler comes in a black gift box with a Siren print with rhinestones in her hair on the lid, black crinkle fill, two turquoise organza bags holding your sample vials and a white seashell inside.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in


Here you will find Truly Peculiar, Slightly Peculiar and Nearly Normal natural perfumes, colognes and unusual gifts. Made by hand with great affection for the Dreamers, the Misfits, the Rebels and the Clowns. The Idealists, the Playful, and all those wonderful souls in between, and for all who take the road less traveled by.


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