Seelie Court Perfume Mist 1/2 Oz, Fairy Perfume, Red Deer Grove, Faery Perfume, Sassafras Perfume, Black Cherry Perfume, Lily Perfume, Feminine Perfume


White ash boughs weave overhead, iridescent blue and purple streamers billow.  Amethyst, tiger’s eye and opal gleam underfoot.

Welcome to the Seelie Court, where the High Laws are these:

Death before Dishonor, Love Conquers All, and Beauty is Life.

Exotic Indian jasmine, oakmoss and deep forest woods.

Honeysuckle, water lily and white peony.

Black cherry, dragon’s blood, and summer honey.

Wild iris, sassafras and sweet ripe peach.

Fresh ginger, pink roses, and bergamot.

Delicate green leaf, bayberry and spice.

This enchanting new scent is playful, fresh, whimsical and sweet.

Your Seelie Court Perfume Mist arrives in a glass half-ounce bottle with a fine mist spray top.

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Here at Red Deer Grove we specialize in unusual perfumes and colognes, scents that are just a bit off the beaten path.  (And sometimes a LOT off the beaten path!)

You don’t want to smell like everyone else, but you just might smell like…you.

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Delight your favorite Fairy with her very own perfume!

Water lily, white peony and wild iris.

Sassafras, fresh ginger, bayberry and spice.

The scent is fresh, playful, whimsical and sweet.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


Here you will find Truly Peculiar, Slightly Peculiar and Nearly Normal natural perfumes, colognes and unusual gifts. Made by hand with great affection for the Dreamers, the Misfits, the Rebels and the Clowns. The Idealists, the Playful, and all those wonderful souls in between, and for all who take the road less traveled by.

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