Zombie Cologne Oil 1/2 Oz, Red Deer Grove Cologne, Truly Peculiar Cologne, Strange Cologne, Gothic Cologne, Dark Fantasy Cologne

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I remember, sometimes,  as though it happened to someone else, the way I was Before.

Before all the world became a sheet of glass, and then  tipped sideways, and everything scrabbled, and slid, and fell away.

I am free from concern, from trying, from fear and love and the tyranny of beating hearts.

I am with my fellows, and their moans are music in my ears.

We are redolent of Earth, though She could not hold us.

Cedar and oak and leather and the dry powder of the moth.

We are perfect, because we are finished.  Our thoughts are One.

We are united in our purpose;


Your Zombie Cologne arrives in a 1/2 oz glass bottle with a rollerball top.  We ship within 1-3 days, and as always shipping is free.

Look for our matching Zombie Travel Candle – you’ll never go anywhere without it.

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Let your Weird hang out with our Zombie Cologne.

Fertile earth and leather, acorns and old wood.

Raw cedar, patchouli and black oak.

Yes, it’s Truly Peculiar, but the scent is still…really great.

We promise, people won’t STARE at you.  They might tilt their heads and look at you in silence, but then that happens

to you now, right?

Besides, who was it that clicked on a cologne called Zombie, hmmm?

Own it, O Strange One.

Specification: Zombie Cologne Oil 1/2 Oz, Red Deer Grove Cologne, Truly Peculiar Cologne, Strange Cologne, Gothic Cologne, Dark Fantasy Cologne

Weight5 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in


Here you will find Truly Peculiar, Slightly Peculiar and Nearly Normal natural perfumes, colognes and unusual gifts. Made by hand with great affection for the Dreamers, the Misfits, the Rebels and the Clowns. The Idealists, the Playful, and all those wonderful souls in between, and for all who take the road less traveled by.

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