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Collaborators on Pinterest

HOW and WHY to add collaborators to Pinterest

We’ve talked before about the importance of being on Pinterest and listed important steps to set up a business account on Pinterest.  In this article, I’ll show you how to use Pinterest as a tool for collaboration in your business. Pinterest isn’t the first tool that many people think of when it comes to collaboration, … read more

Collaborators on Pinterest

We’ve talked before about the importance of being on Pinterest and listed important steps to set up a business account on Pinterest.  In this article, I’ll show you how to use Pinterest as a tool for collaboration in your business.
Pinterest isn’t the first tool that many people think of when it comes to collaboration, but the visual nature of Pinterest makes it ideal in many respects.

How can you maximize your time on Pinterest?

But how can you maximize your Pinterest activities without spending a ton of time on it? Well, along with scheduling your pins, one of the most effective but underutilized strategies to get more exposure from Pinterest is by using group boards.

Now, if you’re new to Pinterest, you may only know of regular boards that only you can pin to. You may have never have heard of group boards. Or maybe you have but you don’t know how to use them or don’t think they apply to you.

I’ve been dabbling with group boards over the past few months and have seen a dramatic increase in followers since I strategically introduced them to my Pinterest marketing.

So in this post I am going to demystify group boards, explain the advantages of using them and outline a few ways you can get started straightaway with this strategy.

What Are Pinterest Group Boards?

A group board works like a regular Pinterest board. The only difference is that along with the board creator, other people are also allowed to pin.

Group boards go under many different names – shared boards, contributor boards, community boards and collaborative boards. Regardless the term, they are all exactly the same thing.

There is currently no directory of Pinterest group boards. In order to distinguish a group board from a regular one you need to look out for the group icon at the top of a board when you are browsing someone’s page.

Key Benefits of Using Group Boards

Group boards are not only a great way to organize ideas and bring people together, but they can also have real tangible benefits for your brand and business.

#1. Dramatically boost your followers

If users select to “follow all” of any contributor’s boards, then they will be added as followers to a group board you are part of. The increased exposure and visibility you get through group boards will increase your follower growth at a faster rate.

#2. Exponentially increase the number of repins

The more followers you have the more likely they (and their followers) are to see your content, repin your pins and click through to your website. This means more traffic to your site and potentially more subscribers, customers and clients.

#3. Put your pinning virtually on autopilot

Implement this strategy correctly and you could get other people creating content for.

Certainly at the start, Pinterest can be time-consuming but managed well, you could soon have a team of people perpetuating your content for you across their networks.

#4. Increase engagement and create brand ambassadors

Your customers may already be liking, commenting and sharing your content with their followers on Pinterest. But inviting them to pin to your brand’s group board will get them more engaged and involved in your online conversation.

It will also elevate them to the role of brand ambassadors, who their followers are more likely to take note of.

Let’s take a look now at some ways you can harness the power of group boards in your business.

How Can Businesses Use Group Boards?

  • Collaboration – are you working with other people, employees or co-workers on a specific project? Use group boards to share industry-specific tips, training materials and resources. Make the board “secret” if you want to keep the information under wraps.
  • Planning – are you a wedding planner, interior designer or in charge of an event that requires input from others? Invite the stakeholders to join you on a group board where you can collect and share design ideas, compare menus, color schemes, flower arrangements, room layouts, fabric samples and so on.
  • Promotion– thinking of running a contest, raising funding for your big idea or promoting a worthy cause? Group boards are perfect for engaging your audience, getting customers to interact with your brand as well as sharing data, statistics, success stories etc. to raise awareness about your brand or a particular issue.
  • Networking – why not invite other pinners to pin about a common topic and expand your network at the same time? Bloggers especially can benefit from group boards by using them to connect with other bloggers and actively re-pinning each other’s content as part of a blogging network.
  • Authority – are you knowledgeable about a particular subject area? Create a themed group board and contribute regularly to build credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader to the board’s followers.

How To Create A Contributor Board

Go to the Pinterest home page and click on the Add + tab at the top of the page.

Collaborators on Pinterest


Then select the option to Create a Board.

Create a Pinterest board

Next choose a name for your new board, select a category and whether you want to make it a private (secret) board or a public one. The final sCollaborators on Pinteresttep is to decide who you want to add as a contributor.


How To Add Contributors
Today I’m going to share three different ways to collaborate on Pinterest:  Secret Boards, Group Boards, and reaching out to others.

Collaborators on Pinterest

Reaching Out To Others
This may seem like a no-brainer, but when I talk with other business people and clients, I’ve realized that many people don’t take this step.  Reaching out to other people in your industry who are already on Pinterest is a vital step to building business relationships.

This starts in your comments.  I’m still amazed at people who don’t respond to comments someone has left for them on a pin.  Pinterest isn’t the most social of the social networks, so when someone does this it really stands out. Comment back!  Don’t just say “Thank You.”  Continue the conversation and say things like, “What did you like about that pin?”  or “When you read that article, what was the most helpful piece of advice?”  Building on the conversation is key.

Once you’ve built up a history with each other, and they express interest in using Pinterest for marketing, start asking each other for advice or work together.

My Pinterest marketing skills have grown because I’ve been able to build relationships with .  Now, if I’m struggling on an image or what exactly to pin, I can turn to my friends for advice and they can do the same with me. Having colleagues who can give helpful criticism and support is crucial when trying to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level.

Group Boards
One of the most significant benefits of joining group boards on Pinterest is the exposure of your own content.  This is vital when you are first starting out.  For example, if you join or get invited to a group board that has 1000 followers and you’ve just gotten your Pinterest account up to 100 followers, that extra 1000 can make a big difference on how many people see your content. Finding high quality group boards relevant to your industry used to be a chore, but with sites like pingroupie.com,  finding group boards for your industry is much easier. Group boards can also help grow your Pinterest account more quickly.  If you are providing great pins that are relative to a Pinterest group board and that audience, more people will become interested in your profile, and in many instances start following some of your boards.

Creating your own group board is a great way for you to curate great content for your audience.  For example, I had a board called Instant Instagram Tips which is ranked on Google Search.  I mentioned this board to Peg Fitzpatrick, and she became a contributor. I then turned that board into a group board for the two of us to pin to.  Having just one other person who pins great content makes it a lot easier to make that board a place where people can go to for resources on Instagram.

Secret Boards
Secret boards are a powerful tool on Pinterest.  We’ll go more in-depth on some power tips for secret boards in a later article.   Secret boards are just that, secret.  The public on Pinterest can’t see them.  You can pin recipes, gift ideas for your spouse, what the competition is doing, or  article ideas for your blog…you get the picture.
You can, however, share your secret boards with users you select.  This can be used quite effectively in business.   I’ve created and shared secret boards with logo designers where I share logos I like, and they pin concepts that they have created.  It’s a really fast way to drill down to a design quickly.


How to add collaborators to Pinterest

Do you have a Pinterest board that you would like allow friends, workmates or colleagues to pin images to?  It’s easy – add them as a collaborator!  Here’s how:
Log into your Pinterest account and navigate to your boards
Click ‘Edit’ on the board you wish to add a collaborator to
In the ‘Who can add pins?’ text box, start typing the name of your new collaborator, and select their name from the drop down box when it appears (Note:  They will need to be following your board before you can add them) and click ‘Invite’
Click ‘Save Settings’
Your chosen collaborator will now receive an invitation to which they will need to accept and then they’ll be able to start pinning to your board!