Tips for selling success in the Gypsyhood

Gypsy Spoonful is a site dedicated exclusively to handmade products.

You will find nothing mass produced or imported in our maker’s shops. They may source supplies and materials from various places, but their finished products are made with their own two hands.

The quality of a handmade item can not be surpassed when comparing mass produced products to them. The love, sweat and workmanship that goes into each and every item offered on the Gypsy Spoonful site is incredible.

The dedication our maker’s have to each of their crafts is what sets us apart.

You will find totally unique items in the shops located at Gypsy Spoonful that you will not find in the mall, big box stores or chain stores. Each items is designed with forethought, attention to detail and is almost as if a piece of that maker’s soul goes into it. We love buyers!

Here are some guidelines to help you enjoy your Gypsy Spoonful experience to the fullest:

Your obligations as a buyer of a wonderful handmade item on Gypsy Spoonful~

1. Please be aware that every transaction is a direct relationship established between you and the seller/maker. Gypsy Spoonful is providing the venue for the transaction, only. We are not responsible for any transactions, dealings or details associated with your sellers/maker.

2. You are obligated to follow through on your purchase. You are not allowed to cancel transactions, unless mutually agreed upon between you and the seller/maker.

3. The price stated is the price, we discourage any type of contact made to a seller/maker encouraging them to change a price on an item for you, or give you a discount for buying more than one of the item. If the seller/maker advertises they are giving discounts for multiple item purchases, then that is acceptable, however, don’t insult the seller/maker and undervalue their hardwork by asking for a discount.

4. Gypsy Spoonful does not allow any bartering or trading on our site.

5. Gypsy Spoonful does not offer dispute resolution. You may file a claim with paypal to iron out your differences with a specific seller/maker over a transaction gone bad.

6. Gypsy Spoonful is a curated site, We vet and choose our makers very carefully. We want to offer sellers/makers who are trustworthy, skilled and professional. If there is a problem with a transaction, or an issue with a specific seller/maker, we will not directly get involved, but we would like to know if you have a problem, so please email an admin at : [email protected] . We have a zero tolerance policy on sellers/makers not following through with transactions, or delivering less than quality products to our valued buyers.

7. As a buyer, you are responsible for providing accurate information upon checkout. Please be sure your shipping address is correct BEFORE you complete a transaction so that our sellers/makers have all of the information they need to get your wonderful handmade item safely to you.

8. It is your responsibility to READ the descriptions of each item before you purchase it, and understand what you will be receiving.  Please make note of the seller/maker’s measurements, colors, sizing, style mentally before you go ahead and purchase the item. It is important to note the processing and shipping time outlined in each listing. Make note of the turnaround time, and whether or not the item is ready to ship (“RTS”) or a custom item that will required a longer time frame for production. If the item needs to be customized, please make note of the information requested by the seller/maker that you will need to provide for the sale. (Such as measurements, monogram, name, color choice, size choice etc) . If you have questions, it is your responsibility to ask those questions to the seller/maker before you make the purchase.  (please see the Gypsy Spoonful tips page for a glossary of commonly used terms on our site, re: RTS , Custom, Customized items etc) .

The admin team at Gypsy Spoonful is serious about protecting our makers against fraud, chargebacks, unfounded negative reviews/feedback, as well as vindictive reviews/feedback. We will step up on behalf of our makers if challenged on the “First Sale Doctrine” .

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