Uber On The Move with Uber Freight. Solution for Small Business?

From the Desk of Goose, Owner/Founder of Gypsy Spoonful, and GoosieGirl

See a need and fill it. I like how Uber thinks. This is the way I think. Gypsy Spoonful was created because there was a desperate need for a new home for handmade; the most popular reason for new products or businesses to be created is because there is a NEED in the consumer realm.

Recently Uber announced it was getting it’s piece of the pie in the billion dollar shipping industry in the United States. They are innovators at seeing needs and filling them with awesome services and products. Hats off to the Ube!

Yesteday, Uber soft launched Uber Freight, it’s newest app. Ever since Uber bought the self-driving-truck firm Otto: people have been talking. This is a service which aims to connect shippers and trucking companies in much the same way as the original Uber app connects riders and drivers.

How it will work: Drivers pick an available load through the app, sorted by payment, destination, or deadline. Within seconds, the app confirms the booking. According to the company’s announcement:

We take the guesswork out of finding and booking freight, which is often the most stressful part of a driver’s day. What used to take several hours and multiple phone calls can now be achieved with the touch of a button.

Uber promises to pay drivers within 7 days. Unlike the ridesharing app, Uber Freight won’t charge its drivers a commission, which has been a major point of contention with the company’s business model.

This is not Uber’s sole freight hauling project, as the company is also working with Otto on self-driving trucks. (How cool is THAT?!) Uber Freight is available for iOS and Android, but it won’t be available to everyone. Uber is vetting drivers before they join the platform, presumably to check they have the right insurance, license, and equipment.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has been clear for a while now that his company is interested in getting into trucking. It makes sense—in the trucking industry, brokers usually help someone who wants to ship goods find a truck to do the hauling. Uber has risen to global prominence using almost exactly this model, acting as the middleman between people looking for a ride and drivers working on contract.

This kinda reminds me of the A & E Television show, Shipping Wars (does it not?) I think it’s brilliant and would love to look into possibly making Uber Freight a viable shipping option for members of the Gypsy Spoonful community.

Anything we can do to make the user experience more friendly, we are all about that. This could broaden our maker base to upcycled/reclaimed furniture pieces and more! I think it’s an exciting thing in the business world. In addition , everything we, as a creative community and company can do to provide jobs for independent business people (truckers in this case) we’d love to do~ as it fits in with our “small” philosophy! Gypsy Spoonful = made in America if we can ship using independently contracted Uber Freight drivers, I’m all for it!