Welcome to Eeraybathfizzies by Raven. We are a mother daughter duo located in Phoenix, Arizona. My daughter Raven loves everything about bath bombs, from the sound it makes when it touches the water, to how great your skin feels after using one in your bath. She also loves the delightful scents released in the water. That's when she decided to make her own. Raven spends her time outside of school making bath bombs by hand. She loves creating new ones and experimenting on how to make them better. She also loves making other bath products. Our motto here is: soak, shower, or scrub, all of our products are made with love. Every purchase supports the dreams of a little girl who enjoys sharing her creations with you all. A word of caution. While some of our products look good enough to eat, please don't try. It probably won't kill you, but let's not test the theory. Additionally, some of the oils we use could make your bathtub slippery. While we do not normally have this issue, please don't attempt the Hokey-Pokey while enjoying your fizzies.

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