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Handmade soft hair rollers for long lasting curls! Our hair rollers are 100% free of foam and wire, and your rollers will last for years to come due to our quality materials and desire to provide top notch products. It is our family's vision to share our desire for individuality and unique style for fun curly hair creations. Several years ago I was introduced to Smart Fabric  which is a phase change material with moisture-wicking ability.  This Phase Change Material (PCM), is used in many everyday items from manufacturers.  After experimenting with bedding items, we began making soft fabric hair rollers that include the phase change fabric.  The PCM layer used in our Hair Rollers and Hair Buns sets our products apart from everything else available. My Hair Rollers and Hair Donuts were something fun I could do with the entire family. I was tired of foam rollers that were bulky, lost their shape quickly and frankly ugly.  Let's not mention my daughter wearing a sock in her head for her bun! While I am the first to admit the sock works to make a bun, I cannot stand the thought of a sock in my kids hair.  I wanted something innovative, long lasting, FUN, UNIQUE, and wearable in public. Questions?  You may visit our FAQ page here, https://myeasycurls.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions.  Here we answer How many rollers do I need, and what size do I need?  

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2 reviews for MyEasyCurls

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified buyer)

    We love our My Easy Curl rollers, my daughter & future daughter in law fought over who was getting them, lol! I love that you make them in different themes/colors. Keep up the good work, we'll be back!
  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified buyer)

    I ordered 2 sets of rollers for my girls for Christmas. We might have to pull them out sooner and play though. I love the little custom bag to keep the rollers in and it is awesome to have a brochure included with info on how to use them. These seem like a cool product and it will be fun to see what the results are. I highly recommend My Easy Curls for your hair styling needs.